Understanding the Symptoms of Back Pain


The causes of pain in the upper, middle or lower back range from strains to serious health conditions. By understanding back pain symptoms and recognizing possible warning signs of serious conditions, it is easier to seek appropriate medical attention for the problem.

Common Symptoms:

The most common back pain symptoms are signs of minor and easily treated conditions. By recognizing the common signs of the problem, finding treatment solutions that are appropriate for the situation is easier.

Common back pain symptoms include:

  • Aches in the muscles of the back
  • A shooting pain in any area of the back
  • Dull pain in the lower back
  • Pain that moves from the back to cause numbness in the legs
  • Reduced flexibility or a reduced range of motion

All of these symptoms are signs of strains and relatively minor injuries. When back pain causes numbness, it might be a sign of nerve damage that requires medical attention. In most cases, the pain is possible to manage and treat with rest and treatments at home. If the pain persists or becomes a chronic problem, then it is important to discuss the problem with a doctor.

Seeking Medical Attention:

While most back pain is the result of minor strains, pulls and injuries, it is also a sign of some serious problems. Recognizing when to seek medical attention is a vital part of ensuring good health and appropriate treatment for the problem.

When back pain symptoms persist for an extended period of time, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor. In the case of minor strains, the pain should start reducing within three days of injuring the muscles. Pain that persists beyond three days is a sign of more serious damage to the muscles or spine.

Pain that is accompanied by odd changes to the bowel or bladder is a sign of infections or other complications. Doctors will need to test for infections and provide appropriate treatment to alleviate the discomfort.

Seeking medical assistance is also necessary when the pain is accompanied by a fever or discomfort in the abdomen. The pain might be a sign of more serious problems that require medical care.

Back pain that is accompanied by unexpected and unexplained weight loss is another concern. Weight loss that has no explanation can come with serious health problems, particularly when the back also hurts. Pain in the back is sometimes a symptom of some cancers, infections or health conditions. When combined with weight loss, it might be a sign of serious conditions.

Pain in the back is never comfortable, but in most cases it is a minor pull or strain that is easily managed. While it is not usually a sign of serious health concerns, it is best to seek medical advice when the problem persists and interferes with normal activities.             

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