Chronic Back Pain Treatment Options


As far as neurological problems go, only people with headaches overshadow the number of back pain sufferers each year. When the pain lingers past three months, the back pain is considered chronic. A physician trained to treat back ailments should be consulted first for diagnosis and recommendations on pain treatment. Numerous conditions can cause this often debilitating ailment. These can include: osteoporosis, sciatica, degenerative joint disease, and arthritis. Other causes can be a traumatic injury, poor posture and excess strain on the back. To treat the pain correctly, an accurate diagnosis must be made. The necessity of surgery must be ruled out. Other treatment options can include physical therapy, (TENS) unit, alternative therapies and medications.

Many people living with chronic back pain can be helped by physical therapy, or “PT”. Always get the advice of a physician before undergoing any sort of exercise program. PT can limber up back stiffness. A professional will also work to strengthen surrounding muscles and structures that can be a very effective back pain treatment strategy. The goal is to get the person as functional as possible. Many people with back issues are afraid to move. Exercise is a critical element in regaining a normal lifestyle. Therapists are highly qualified to treat muscular skeletal disorders.

A lot of back pain patients experience profound pain treatment relief with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This is otherwise known as “TENS.” Little electrodes are situated near where the pain is located. A medical device that operates on battery power transmits gentle electrical impulses that travel along the nerve fibers on to the brain. The impulses seek to block any unwanted pain signals being triggered. It does this by stimulating nerves that function to thwart any pain signals that come from peripheral nerves. It is also thought that the unit helps in the brain stimulation of pain relief chemicals called endorphins. Exercise can help in a similar manner.

People undergoing long-term back problems often decide to undergo alternative therapies. Many mainstream medical health professionals now accept some of these treatments, and they may even prescribe them. Acupuncture has long been associated with back pain treatment with successful results for many. Some individuals find relief with stress reducing therapies like yoga and meditation. Herbal and bioidentical treatments have risen in popularity. Therapeutic massages using a variety of techniques may be of benefit. Stress is known to bring on further back pain. These treatments aid is reducing anxiety.

Medication is often needed for chronic back pain treatment to be effective. This is often used in conjunction with other treatments. Anti-inflammatory drugs are most often prescribed. Patients should only use strong narcotics for short periods of time. These are a few of the different treatment options available today.

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