Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can happen to anyone and for a wide variety of reasons. Many back pain causes are closely related to the aging process, while other can be triggered by independent medical conditions or accidents. Discovering the cause of your back pain can give you the vital information you need to make decisions about back treatment and therapy.

One of the most common back pain causes is osteoarthritis, or spinal arthritis. As we age, the cushioning discs to protect our spinal vertebrae begin to lose hydration, volume, and the ability to lubricate. This can cause vertebrae to rub together, creating painful symptoms can trigger substantial back pain. Among problems associated with osteoarthritis are bone spurs, sciatica, inflammation, and loss of flexibility or movement.

Another standard cause of back pain in mature adults is osteoporosis. If you fail to maintain certain levels of calcium, your body takes calcium from your bones to compensate. Eventually, this will severely weaken bones and make them prone to injury. Vertebrae are no exception to this problem, and people with osteoporosis are apt to experience spinal fractures. Osteoporosis is serious back pain cause, and can result in many painful symptoms.

A further common back pain cause, especially in adult women, is fibromyalgia. This complex disorder involves both the brain and body, and is still not fully understood. However, physicians do know that some back pain causes can be related to fibromyalgia. The condition causes a variety of tender points throughout the body, which are painful to the touch. Several of these tender points are located on the back, making them a regular back pain cause for people with fibromyalgia.

Other common back pain causes worth investigating include curvature of the spine, kyphosis, and muscle strain. In addition, back pain causes also frequently include inappropriate repetitive motion, strenuous work activities, and poor posture. Accidents and injury are causes of back pain as well, and should always be evaluated by a qualified physician.

By exploring the back pain causes pages on, you can find the information you need to better understand your condition and find treatment solutions. If you suspect you have any of the conditions described on this website, talk to your physician about your concerns and exploring a diagnosis.

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