Treating Muscle Strains

When a tendon or muscle tears, a muscle strain occurs. The condition is painful, and the back and hamstring are two common areas of the body that are susceptible to strains. A strain usually occurs as a result of vigorous and hard activity.

Symptoms of a Muscle Strain

Some of the symptoms of a muscle strain include swelling or weakness in the muscles or tendons. Patients will feel pain both when resting and when using the muscles. Bruising or redness could also occur, and individuals might even have trouble walking. The back could feel stiff, and muscle spasms may occur.

Treating Muscle Strains

Strains can be treated by keeping the muscle in a stretched position and applying an ice back to the area. After the swelling decreases, heat could be used on the area, but heat should not be used while the muscle is still swollen and painful. Pain medications can also be used to lessen the pain. It is important for people to rest the muscle until it heals. Individuals should not conduct strenuous activities that could cause more distress to the muscle. If a doctor determines that applying weight to the muscle can be harmful, he might want the patient to use crutches to help the muscle heal. A physician could also order some rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the muscle. In severe instances, surgery might be needed to repair the muscle.

Preventing Muscle Strains

The best way to prevent strains of the muscle is to stretch. A doctor can give suggestions on proper ways to exercise, and he could advice certain exercise programs for his patients. In addition, individuals should not sit in the same position for long periods of time, and they should maintain good posture.

Causes of Muscle Strains

Bad conditioning and flexibility could cause muscle strains. Fatigue and overuse could cause the muscle to suddenly tear. Strains of the muscle can occur when individuals lift heavy objects, or they can occur when people jump, run or throw. Not warming up properly can cause the injury. Strains of the muscle can also be caused by something as simple as sitting at the desk in an awkward position.

Diagnosing Muscle Strains

If a person has pain for more than a week, he should call a doctor. A doctor should also be called if patients cannot move their arms or legs or if the area is numb. If the area is bleeding or if a person cannot walk, a doctor should be seen. A doctor will probably order an X-ray of the area, or he might conduct an MRI.

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