Back Pain Treatment

Like many forms of pain, back pain has numerous treatment and care methods that work to prevent or get rid of back pain from hindering everyday tasks. Back pain affects nearly 8 in 10 adults at some point in their lives, which means back pain treatment needs to be flexible enough to where almost anyone living any type of lifestyle can find a solution.

From surgery to medication and mind-body techniques, the solution for your back pain must always start with a professional diagnosis. Only a qualified physician is able to accurately identify the type, location, and source of the pain. Imaging tests like X-Rays and MRIs are commonly done to obtain a detailed look at the pain you feel.

Back treatment comes in many forms. Some of the most common are discussed in this section, including:

  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Therapy
  • Mind-Body Techniques
The main thing to keep in mind about back pain is that it is highly treatable, often without the help of surgery or other invasive techniques. Through enough care and lifestyle adjustment, back pain can be typically be resolved within a matter of days or weeks. Chronic back pain, however, may need to be inspected to see if other treatment options may need to be explored.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

People experience lower back pain more than any other type of back pain. Known as the lumbar region, our lower back and hips receive most of the impact we place on our bodies every day. Problems can arise when these areas are not well-maintained or under-utilized; too much or too little activity can equally cause pain to your lower back.

Most of the treatments and care methods outlined on this site are geared toward lower back pain. Treatment can be in the form of surgeries, which go in to release pressure on the nerves or adjust intervertebral discs that may have slipped out. Other potential solutions may come in the form of psychological alternative forms, such as chiropractic care or acupuncture.

In any case, meeting with your physician is the first step to getting started on any road to recovery toward a pain-free back. By having tests and physical exams completed, back pain treatment that works for your body and lifestyle can be achieved.

Learn more about the various conditions, symptoms, and treatments that can help inform you of your options here.

Surgery Treatments

Back pain comes in many forms that can be treated through a variety of different solutions. In most cases, back pain tends to be temporary and subside over the course of a few days or weeks, depending on how well it is being treated through other remedies. In some cases, however, surgery may be necessary to relieve patients from chronic back pain that goes deeper than sore muscles or joints. It may also be required if the patient has suffered an accident or sudden injury that has ...


Therapy Treatments

Back pain is a prevalent issue that has many solutions. Mild forms of back pain can be resolved through equally moderate means, such as cutting back on intense exercise or temporarily wearing a back brace. Chronic back pain may lead to more intense relief methods like chiropractic treatment or surgery. Passive and active physical therapies are also ways to resolve back pain. Back therapy involves taking conservative measures to resolve back pain. Unlike surgeries or even anti-inflamma ...

Medical Treatments

If you suffer from any form of back pain, your physician may want to discuss medication alongside other treatment options. There are many different forms of back pain medication, ranging from short to long-term choices. The type of back pain medicine your physician prescribes will depend on your symptoms and medical history. If, for example, you suffer from painful inflammation, your physician may suggest trying an anti-inflammatory drug. Or, if you're suffering from a more general ty ...

Alternative Treatments

People suffering from chronic back pain may be able to find relief in turning to alternative back pain remedies and treatments. Apart from surgery and prescription medication, which can be costly, activities like acupuncture and massage may hold the same potential to relieve back pain just as efficiently. Herbal treatments, while most unexplored, are also capable of delivering relief to back pain. In this section, a variety of alternative back pain remedies are explored to shed light ...

Mind-Body Techniques

Most people don't realize that much of back pain can be caused by psychological factors. Things like stress, emotional duress, or pressure can indirectly impact the amount of pain you experience. By taking control of your thoughts and emotions, you can harness the motivation and positive energy that any physician or medical practitioner can confirm as crucial factors in healing back pain. Mind relaxation techniques have been a rising as a popular form of treatment for all kinds of pai ...

Laser Spine Surgery

When most people hear they need spine surgery to fix their back or neck problems, they may feel apprehensive or wary of the operation’s side effects. It’s common for some to look for other options that may help them achieve a pain-free back and neck without going through an intense procedure. Laser spine surgery is one such alternative that sufferers of back and neck pain can consider when searching for solutions to their problems. Minimally invasive laser spine surgery can resolve several cond ...


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